The Grandmother Baby Shower Party

Wednesday, 3 April, 2013
The Grandmother Baby Shower Party

It is such an important event to become grandmother that must be celebrated with friends, relatives (women), and why not ... even with the future mother.It  is an honor for a woman to become a grandmother for the first time. It is a trend, as mentioned last week in the blog "Silkbaby", and helps to provide the grandmother everything she needs to care for her grandson / granddaughter.
It is very similar to the Baby Shower Party, but the characteristic of this event is rooted in its deep meaning:
"Grandmothers are the heart and soul of our culture".
All or most of us were brought up by their advice and insights. The celebration of Grandmother Baby Shower Party is the beginning of a time that will bring their grandchildren to have a passion for the days when they will meet with their grandmother.
Silk Gift Milan it 's sure that not only for it, grandmothers are the superheroes and it will last forever.
A Grandmother Baby Shower Party is a new trend because noone wants to miss to celebrate their useful presence, grandmothers have a wonderful sense of humor, they are wise and are amazing storytellers.
Think about it, there is nothing more extraordinary than celebrating Grandmother Baby Shower Party with children who will watch their grandmother that arrives from distant times or they will get soft hold by henna tattooed hands of their grandmothers or that will become astonished by the beauty of their colorful head scarf. This is their remarkable story and the intention of Silk Gift Milan is to start to tell about the Grandmother Baby Shower Party.