ABOUT ME The personal image speaks and tells us much more than we think and that we would like

Image Consulting Silkgift Milano, Servizi Image Consulting Start to know your body's shape and to choose the clothes and accessories that best fit you

L’analisi e la riorganizzazione del proprio guardaroba rappresentano una tappa basilare per una buona consulenza d’immagine e costituiscono il punto di partenza per un eventuale “shopping mirato”. Wardrobe Planning & Accessories An "update" of your wardrobe to figure out what to keep or transform what is missing, what to delete ....

Personal Shopping, Silkgift Milano, Servizi Personal Shopping I help you to choose the best for you, saving time and budget!

Our "Gift": Gift cards Give or take an exclusive service's package by Silk Gift Milan! And save!

Kids, Silkgift Milano, Servizi Mom and Baby My advice for your look during motherhood and to choose the best accessories for the growth of your baby.

Events, Silkgift Milano, Servizi Event manager Thanks to my network of professional experts I manage for birthday, anniversary, Baby Shower Party and other themed events.

Extra, Silkgift Milano, Servizi Specials Special services entertaining alternative services: style advice for groups of friends, shopping vintage, swap parties ...