The perfect kids' wardrobe

Wednesday, 4 December, 2013
The perfect kids' wardrobe

Our services include the, wardrobe planning. It  helps  not only the businessmen  and women, but all in planning their wardrobe; it brings awareness of a higher order and more space, but what is most rewarding is the saving of  money and time. Silk Gift Milan knows that this topic of our "Academy”, is in TV shows, fashion magazines and Blogger too, there are many tips on how to create a wardrobe for the man-woman, but for the personal shopper baby there are no tips on their wardrobe which moreover is what the mothers often ask us. The work for them is not much because in the kids' wardrobe there  are few clothes who can help you dress them with success at every opportunity as it arises in the course of the year. Amanda Archetti and Isabella Ratti thanks to their job for Silk Gift Milan, are intended to add greater sense given by the current economical situation. For the life of every day most of the children have many clothes available because it's obvious that for different reasons the daily change is needed, but for all other occasions to work on their dress code requires a maximum of 4/5 key pieces that must always be presented in their wardrobe. To know these clothes in times of promotions or sales also means to do the so-called "smart purchases". Buying clothes a bit 'larger than their size because you know they grow very quickly and it is always possible with the hem, tie, belt or other creative ways to improve their fit. Some moms love colours like navy blue, beige, white, red and brown as personal shopper child we agree because it is an  excellent choice that you could combine with accessories (tights, hair accessories, belts, scarves ...).

A dark cotton pants that can be worn all year round, with a polo match in the summer and they are always perfect with a sweater in the winter season.

In building, the perfect wardrobe for your child the presence of a dress or skirt is optional depending on the lifestyle of the family, whether it is a regular at the theatre then you definitely need a style height, ready when needed.

If there is a must-have in their wardrobe then a black dress shoe should never miss. For example, for girls depending on the age the models are The Mary Janes or ballet flats. For all buy shoes with half-size larger at the beginning where you can fit in any case with special inserts.

A good investment is always a cardigan, it can always keep warm, but their best is in being able to change the look of any outfit.

Finally, how about a nice coat? In spite of the fads that come and go is always elegant and keeps the baby warm.