A weekend in the snow with your kids

Wednesday, 11 February, 2015
A weekend in the snow with your kids

One of the tips that a personal shopper and image consultant are required to give you it is how to pack. Whether you go with your children  at the mountains or by the seaside  in a  near, far, hot or cold  place there is always the question: how to prepare it.
How to organize a perfect suitcase for your child /children for a weekend in the snow?
It is not that a difficult enterprise with our help, especially if you have the fear of forgetting always something because nobody likes to arrive at the place of stay and spend money in  expensive shops ...
WHAT TO WEAR: For a weekend we always recommend to bring two outfits for each chillayers so you have the right combination to deal with the weather conditions that are impossible to predict. For the upper part we recommend thermal underwear , and a turtleneck with long sleeves. The ski pants should be waterproof  and manage to keep their legs well warm . The ski suit will be divided into two pieces   for all the younger kids to help you when you need to change them.An other trick  is to wear a light jacket and a waterproof one to be worn under the ski parka.
ACCESSORIES: Hat, scarf and gloves must be comfortable and at the same time will have to cover your child to avoid burns or frostbite.You should  always  carry extra hats and gloves because they are often lost. The earmuffs are beautiful, but the best cover  are the bands. Do not forget sunglasses that are useful not just on the ski slopes and bring your comfortable thermal socks and snow boots . Remember that your socks get wet and then it will be helpful to bring more than a pair . Do not forget the helmet that is a must have protective and safe
BEAUTY: The soft skin of your children must be protected by sunscreen and lip balm.
SKI EQUIPMENT: To Equip the whole family of ski equipment can be inconvenient due to space and weight of the baggage: so it is bette then to rent the whole at the place, without  making sure of the availability of renting the helmets for children.
EQUIPMENT TRAVEL: The stroller or baby backpack are among the first things to be loaded into the car, followed by a bag containing all you need for the kids including extra diapers.
DURING THE TRIP: Prepare for the long queu for children during the trip to reach the ski resorts. The waiting time can often a good time to take refreshment for your children with a fruit juice or an energy snack.
DOCUMENTS: For travelling  yiu need the  documents(tickets, brochures, reservations) we advice always to put them inside  the side pocket of your backpack to avoid wasting valuable time  for searching them.
As personal shopper baby we can take you through the shops that sell clothes and accessories for the ski not only for your children by trying  to combine  what you/them  like  with  the best quality  of each purchase.