To be trendy choose between poncho or cape on this season.

Thursday, 13 November, 2014
To be trendy choose between poncho or cape on this season

As for my personal taste for menswear, and together with the image consulting and personal shopping point of view, the man with a poncho or a cape is aware to wear a subtle elegance that strikes a balance between modesty and audacity and between fashion and functionality.

On this season they come back very trendy, glamorous as for many women too, but they have become a fashion statement even in the male's wardrobe. In Milan 's catwalks poncho or cape can be seen everywhere, from Via Montenapoleone to Via Torino it does not go unnoticed the elegance and style of men satisfied  by wearing them and that left their scent trails too.

The ponchos and capes are hot for the over layers and a 'perfect choice for this season. Their design is always very popular because they are easy to take off and put on and to match with jeans, but also on a classic outfit. These are clothes that are part of the image consulting by Silk Gift Milan and they can do an excellent job regardless of the style of each. To wear a poncho or a cape (same for the other clothes) just for the fun of riding the trend of the moment are some of the style's choices a little / not at all flattering, that you would save if you follow an image consultant's advice.

During the personal shopping is important to analyze your body's shape  in order to improve the proportions  and not overwhelm them, if it is too long it tends to shorten the height of the person, while too short it might be disproportioned to the  legs that will seem long and wide  in opposition to  the upper body, the ideal length should  achieve the hip. If you love the poncho or cape with patterned designs, fringed or favorite color ... the final choice is more complex and probably only after my image consulting's advice you can be ready, so that you can add volume at the top of your body  as related to the  rest of the body's shape.