The perfect suitcase for a man

Friday, 1 August, 2014
La valigia perfette per l'uomo

The long-awaited vacation has finally arrived, I'd like to find a man thrilled to make their own suitcase! Oh my God, you start with the question: What should I bring? I put too little? Too many clothes that then I will never wear? I will not pay for some extra weight! And ... the stress level begins to rise! An image consultant & personal shopper by Silk Gift Milan can be your solution for your holiday to start before leaving. There are also techniques because each garment can be folded and placed into the space in the best suitcase.


The seven recommendations of the personal shopper and image consulting by Silk Gift Milan:


1. Determine the days you are away from home. You will need to plan, as a base two changes divided between the hours of day and what you will wear in the evening. I understand that it is easier for a woman, but also a man with a bit of creativity / can use / play with his accessories to wear the same clothes several times and you will give your outfit a different look. For example, one night can change your look (and protect from frost air conditioning) combining a scarf in silk or linen with the outfit of the day before.


2. Your destination and what will engage your trip is another deterrent that can not be overlooked. Of course if you have planned a trip to the Alps for a trek with backpackers certainly you will not need clothes and dress shoes. There are some who combines business with the holidays to find new customers or new suppliers and then in your suitcase you will never have to miss several shirts with ties that can be worn with the same dress or tailored trousers and a casual jacket.


3. Choosing colors for your dresses requires a bit of your attention, but once at the destination it will give you great results and I do not say for professional deformation, a base color can be paired with complementary colors or contrastanting ones. Bring blue trousers as a basic for example, and you will match it with shirts, t-shirt ..white or fantasy one.


4. The choice of fabrics will take you to a request for assistance from us as personal shopper and image consultant if you are not already experts. During the trip the tissues easy to rub better to leave in your suitcase or inside the wardrobe; non-iron clothes and stain you can always rinse once in the hotel room and then be re-used.


5. Aid of a pen and paper will be certain to know what you have already packed up, what you have to put on and take off what you need if you have even exceeded the maximum possible  weight (for air travel).


6. There are shoes that can fit any occasion very well, but if you do not agree with the idea, two pairs of shoes at most are enough for the case of a man in order to complete both stylish clothing or the casual one. Remember, they always take so much space in your suitcase and then are often heavy!


7. Remember to bring your underwear, socks, pajamas toiletries, sunscreen, and swimsuits included!