We are the music makers and we are the dreams of dreams

Friday, 20 November, 2015
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From the choise of your hairstyle, the  choice of your watch  or the lack of it, to the possession of a musical instrument, the car you drive, the presence or absence of tattoos and / or piercings, jewels adorning your look, the cigarettes that you smoke ... everything tells of who and how you want to be identified. As an image consultant I see everything we do ad the image of each of us that we project to the world as what we want to be, how we would like to be identified.


While the authenticity, integrity and your skills are questionable, much of the discussion on how to be successful in personal and professional life is focused on the importance of the personal branding.


The personal branding does not say if you are handsome/beautiful. If you want people to believe in you and invest on you then your external image must match the interior one.


The most successful managers and business owners create in fact they become trademarks. Their brands are based on the experience they promise and values that live and share, "Once you realize this, you can begin to personalise your style to adapt to how you would like to be seen. Managers or not when you consider what to wear "you should  think  about words that describe your brand and use the same words to define your style. "


Try to enjoy a few minutes to answer these simple questions: Iş your brand wild ? Down-to-earth? Sexy? Chic? Noble? Snob? ... Now stand in front of a mirror and look at your outfit and overall appearance. What words come to your mind? It is a first step in personal branding!


A concrete example of my job of personal branding is the singer, poet and dj producer Michael Lattanzio, of which I am the image consultant ; together we have revalued a style that was a bit' relaxed without distorting it. His uniqueness has begun to shine and it was like treasure to not give up at all. His great singing skills, his height, the color of his hair, the verses of his poems.. Whatever it is right that he uses it as his own advantage.

Everyone remembers about him for his originality, creativity and emotional part, he never imitates  anyone, for he is  different by distinguishing him from the rest of the choir. To be substantial and extraordinary it has been our aim that we have reached to attract the attention and to get noticed by his fans.