The evergreen: THE T-SHIRT

Wednesday, 4 May, 2016
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There are items that should always be in every woman's wardrobe, they are considered evergreen / must-have for without going against your personal style, they remain essential.

As an image consultant and personal shopper l start a “journey" that will take you into the perfect wardrobe, through my style tips, and at the end for each of you it will not be difficult to build it. One of the questions that often comes to me in my consulting sections is if a dress can be essential to the wardrobe, here's my answer:


IT MUST BE FLEXIBLE: For versatile I mean the color. It is important that your dress can work with the rest of the outfit, combine a t-shirt, jeans ... It becomes easier if monochrome or more complete in neutral colors thanks to my image consulting will get the most flattering color palette to your body and hints to the right selection of additional products.

IT MUST BE OF EXCELLENT QUALITY: The quality is in my opinion superior when made in Italy, it is a factor that does not necessarily mean expensive and definitely will always appear with an excellent fit. A cloth of quality over time and that it lasts even after repeated washing is always perfect.

IT MUST BE IN A CLASSIC STYLE: When I say that it is important to choose a classic style does not mean boring and dull, but that its great power never goes out of style.


THE T-SHIRT and the women’s body shape

There are few comfortable and practical garments to wear such as the t-shirt, then in the summer season it is a real statement of style and freshness. Its flexibility, comfort and style is an excellent choice for almost any occasion of the day.


As an image consultant and personal shopper "often take the neck t-shirt" when I have to advise a woman by the circle body shape (apple / O) because this wonderful figure fits  the V-necklines very well and attract the ' attention to the face. T-shirt has never to be slim -fitted or with prints / applications ... around the waist, opt for soft lines and the hem that ends below the waist.


The image consulting for a beautiful woman by the triangle body shape (Pear / A) focuses on the waist and the upper body. T-shirt with printed patterns, models that have   ruffles or horizontal stripes, pockets or embellishment as beads, embroidery or lace capture the attention and enriched the upper body. The hem of the shirt should end just below the waist to avoid drawing a horizontal line on the sides, the widest part of this body. The perfect butterfly sleeves or all the models that are beneficial to broaden the shoulders.


The woman from the rectangle body shape (banana / H) has a perfect straight, linear body with a slim waist, basically I love to dress this figure trying to create the illusion of a defined waist. The T-shirt has to be long until mid-hip if you have thin thighs and long legs, never slim-fitted waist and best straight cut. Most of these bodies have no waist so never put your t-shirt into the pants. Create a curvy shape with t-shirts that have a nipped waist, depending on your style.


A snug T-shirt is the right choice for the sensual woman the hourglass body shape (8), however, does not mean tight. No to large T-shirt and square models as they would hide the sinuous and subtle waist’s form. Be proud of your curves!


If you identify you in the women from the inverted triangle body shape (V) you will be rightly proud of your physical sculptural. As image Consultant I advise to wear T-shirts with the sleeves diagonally cut, the kimono and bat sleeves because they help to soften the shoulder area. Avoid puffy sleeves, sleeves from the horizontal cut and embellishments at the top of the T-shirt.