Top trends to wear for Spring/Summer 2015

Thursday, 19 February, 2015
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Everyone has different tastes and styles, we can not all agree with the trends, the purpose of the trends and fashion is to look at them with confidence. Trends come and go .... Trends every season advice us on what to wear to be cool and fashion. The great Gianni Versace said: "The key of this collection, is being yourself.  Do not be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live. "

There are celebrities who know they are judged whenever they go in public, they all need an image consultant who tells them how to dress to avoid slips. A good image consultant can bring a celebrity to achieve what are her/his  trends and styles, we gain in fame and success.

The image consulting by  Silk Gift Milan is also for anyone who is not a celebrity, helping everyone to find out which suits you better fit  in order to exploit the best image of each of you, the success that can be given by an image consultant of Silk Gift Milan starts by a greater awareness of the beauty and confidence of everyone regardless of being rich and famous!

Trends in our work of image consultant are often served to help many women/men to discover their own style, watching you to wear it as something that helps the mood. The image consultant by Silk Gift Milan has always believed that a dress can be leaked cheer or show your sexy side without ever being vulgar or geese.

Remember that the fashion trend is the guideline of what you can wear on any occasion.

As March is just around the corner, it is time to refresh your wardrobe thanks to the floral prints, the bohemian vibes and the warm colour palette, so these are some of the top trends you must wear on this Spring/Summer.

The stylish Italian woman has once again provides to be present in the vortex of the trends and I would say so elegant thanks to the good taste that has always characterized the made in Italy. It happens that where there is not the Italian brand there is behind a detail that brings us to Italian style. Anyway there are also trends among non-Italian brands. 

From Roberto Cavalli's fringe maxi gowns to Valentino's ethereal, fairytale silhouettes, the Spring/Summer 2015 season is full of feminine looks that can take you from a day to night with chic sense of ease and youthfulness.