Baby Shower Christmas Party

Thursday, 22 December, 2016
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The Christmas atmosphere allows you to create a memorable Christmas Baby Shower!

Each time by organizing a Baby Shower Party undertake this exciting experience is useful to focus on the specific theme that ties with Christmas, figure out what you prefer to opt for the specific issue that has to do with Christmas. For example, you can put the emphasis on the Elves. Decorate with anything that has to do with the elves, Santa's factory gifts, including invitations and decorations. Also you could enjoy all of the "Spirit of Christmas" of the moment.



The invitations of the Baby Shower Christmas Party  have images portraying a baby snowman with a diaper, a child dressed up as Santa Clause, a gingerbread man with a diaper ... are just some ideas.

If one experiences the Baby Shower Christmas Party after the child was born (in some cultures this is much more acceptable),a  nice idea is to cut out a shape of a "snowman", take a picture of the child, paste the face of the newborn on the face of the snowman and write down all the information on the Baby Shower Christmas Party on the body of the snowman.

I like to propose the idea of adding to every invites of a Baby Shower Christmas Party paper to write a recipe. Ask each guest to write their favorite Christmas recipe (so that you can add to a book of Christmas recipes to give to the mother).




As we all know the Christmas colors are red and green. It is good idea to use these colors for decoration. If the sex of the baby is unknown, it is possible to add another color that can suggest the gender of the baby. It’s hard to imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree, right? To start this experience set up your Christmas Tree Baby Shower with lights that might be the color that suits the sex of the child, for example, blue / orange for a boy or pink / purple for a girl. After the lights you can hang the baby's clothes and ornaments.




To create a greater atmosphere at the Baby Shower Christmas Party you may ask everyone to come dressed in green  red, gold and silver color or in any case to  respect the spirit of Christmas. When guests arrive you can give hats and / or Santa Claus beard, red noses, headbands with horns, elf ears, etc.




The cake and cupcakes of the Baby Shower Christmas Party will get the wonder of all your guests because the creative ideas come from a comparison with pastry chefs. The cookies of different shapes such as Christmas sleigh, Santa Claus, reindeer, baby bottles, baby faces, snowman, comets, etc. A classic drink suitable with the cold outside is the hot chocolate or the hot apple cider.




As in all the Baby Shower Party can not miss his majesty "diaper cake" for the occasion he will surely be dressed in the Christmas mood. Because the party remains as a pleasant memory in the memory of your guests do not forget about time for games. AN EXCLUSIVE by Silk Gift Milan only in the Baby Shower Party is the possibility of good music with a wonderful live Christmas playlist done by an amazing singer because there is poetry known that fails to bring smiles and then it is certain that thanks to good music you can forget about the calories of the buffet.




In the Baby Shower organized by Silk Gift Milan by Amanda Archetti I suggest to give each guest a small cadeaux to thank them for coming and taking part in this special day. With the Christmas season you can make candles or scented soaps in the shape of angel or cookies, remember not to put them in the buffet to give them as a gift at the end packaged in transparent bags...


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