Dreaming about a midsummertime's baby shower party

Friday, 17 May, 2013
Dreaming about a midsummertime's baby shower party

Summertime is the time and the ideal theme for a Baby Shower Party!!

There is an excitement and energy in the air during summertime than any other time of the year. Every time Silk Gift Milan is planning a Summertime Baby Shower Party the same summertime energy and fun will be felt by everyone that is invited to the party.  

Imagine  that you get a Baby Shower Party 's invitation and it says:

"It's a Summertime Baby shower Party! Join us for an afternoon outdoors to celebrate …'s upcoming baby girl/boy.”

SilK Gift Milan asks you: When you read this invite, what images come to mind ? A beautiful, sunny day. Sun on your skin, everyone in sandals and shorts or swimwear, a cool breeze on your face, ice cold lemonade, tasty and light summer food. …The Baby Shower Party doesn’t get  better than that!   
Silk Gift Milan always tells  future mothers who want to organize their Summertime Baby Shower Party that if they think of any of these images, then they would surely agree that a Summertime Baby Shower Party is the result of a perfect party and a wonderful way to celebrate a new little life.
How Silk Gift Milan organizes a successful Summertime Baby Shower Party; let's make a list of three good reasons ... but they are only a small part of what it is reserved:

1. You can use any Baby Shower Party theme, but  thinking about "Summertime" can be your theme and that gives you a lot of flexibility with the colors, decorations, food, games and favors.
2. Your colors should be bright, primary colors. Silk Gift Milan has knowledege as image consultant so it is not difficult for it to recommend the best combinations of bright colors like red and yellow, blue and yellow, raspberry pink and green, purple and green, purple and yellow, or American colors of the flag (red, white and green). Your colors will be everywhere, starting with the invitations, then on  the decorations and favors.
3.The Summer Baby Shower Party 's  meal includes a menu of sublime taste and colors thanks to a  variety of seasonal fruits, then handmade ice cream, cupcakes, fruit, fresh cocktails, finger food …!! The creativity of Silk Gift Milan will think that the table does not fail to impress the future mother and her friends.

Summertime Baby Shower Party will not fail her Majesty Diaper Cake, which on this occasion will be presented with the dress code required followed by our Diaper cake design by Silk Gift Milan.