Kate Middleton and her first Royal Baby Shower Party.

Wednesday, 10 July, 2013
Kate Middleton and her first Royal Baby Shower Party.

Here we go, this should be the week for the big event! Kate Middleton will become the mother of who will sit on the throne of England ... you know how they are kids, maybe he/she in his/her easiness and taken from the game it is possible that he: she will also sit before!
Kate has always been in fashion for these nine months  in her choice of clothes. Motherhood has been perfect to enhance her femininity and brands such as Topshop and Asos are able to help us as an example as image consultant by supporting Silk Gift Milan showing that you can keep your femininity and enhance your own forms even in times of pregnant!
This has given an air of cool and good for the English crown, which it has remained about the days of Princess Diana.
Kate icon of elegance for all the future mothers,
Kate becomes a model of us image consultant,
Kate is surprising enough to celebrate her first Royal Baby Shower Party a few weeks before  her  childbirth, an event never celebrated in the Royal Family. A move that has managed to break the royal tradition. Kate is known for breaking the traditions and this is due to the will of the Duchess of being modern. Prince Harry, Kate and William are in fact a strong link between the royal family and the more young generation.
The British thought that you could never break the tradition with a Baby Shower Party if there isn't a modern way of thinking.
With the blessing and participation of Queen Elizabeth even then there were also friends and relatives from the Middleton 's family home in Berkshire.
A Baby Shower Party made as those which organizes Silk Gift Milan ... it was fun and relaxing for the Duchess, the Baby Shower Cake in the shape of a dummy was made by his brother James, while her sister took care of the decorations.
Happy wish mom Kate!