Mums ....there is really a need of sales.

Friday, 4 July, 2014
Mums  ....there is really a need of sales.

We normally need sales, now that you are about to become a mom or because your wardrobe needs some extra attention because of small changes in your body's shape and then, you have already thought about your child? For him / her you really need more than ever the availability of foreign exchange and most beautiful items, but not overly expensive because they grow up very fast, but nothing is more carefree and easy to entrust your future balances, the professional's ask for a personal shopper and image consultant by Silk Gift Milan. We know where to take you to find out the dress, pants, t-shirt, suit, accessory ... what color and style that best enhance your physical shape. In Milan and the surrounding area there are the biggest and most important Brands for children and Silk Gift Milan does its practice as personal shopper there.

Whatever you want to, so you do not get the euphoria of the sales and therefore the risk of surprises for the current budget, we will  help you to get organized before to get prepared well to face this time with clear ideas ... According to Silk Gift Milan it is always advisable to write down a list of sales with all the clothes and accessories that will be useful to buy. You will need to commit some time to look or call us to make a wardrobe's planning , you'll immediately write a complete list of everything that you are missing. Have a look  into  fashion magazines or follow us through our fashion blog, we write numerous articles for major partners print and online through our Networks (Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, Twitter) so you'll have a clear idea of ​​what will be in fashion for the upcoming seasons , all useful information to guide you for sales for the colors and style to fit even after the summer time .

For many moms time for shopping at the moment is a dream that can be rewarded with the services of a personal shopper and image consultant on-demand by Silk Gift Milan. As image consultants we are never tired  to say that a new physical appearance does not mean to deserve attention, you can even take advantage of the sales to enhance your wardrobe up to the beautiful new look.

Your purchases may be limited to only the must-have for your wardrobe, saving further as: the little black dress, a pair of comfortable jeans, a white t-shirt and a comfortable pair of shoes.

As professional experts in personal shopping we always check anytime to their quality by evaluating the fabric and the cuts of the fabrics, check the seams, finishes and details. And remember that you can always change, however, even in this period!

The salestime is also an opportunity for some stores to get rid of the old collections of the dresses or defective, that means to  always pay attention when they have a greater percentage of discount  and if defective for an unwrapping it will not be difficult to adjust , but if they are stained or torn then it's better to buy more.

To complete a perfect deal never forget to evaluate it also by its composition (internal label), which corresponds to the truth, and the rightness of its new label with the  initial price, the discount and the final price.