My Image Consulting for a Picture day for a Baby.

Saturday, 10 September, 2016
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As a parent you are always driven by the thought of capture every possible moment in the life of your kid and one of the best ways to do this it is by  the photographs. Karl Lagerfeld once said, “What i like about pictures is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” ... Nothing more true! Of course, most of the pictues taken at your child are spontaneous while sleeping, eating porridge, crawling, smiling and at any other time you get to the heart some emotion.

The spontaneous pictues tell their lives forever, they  are images that will illuminate wonderful memories, but exciting is also a professional photo shoot. For an infant it is a bit 'different from the next services, because only a few days after the birth of the kid there is little to build. For images shot when the child/parents will probably want to choose the perfect look to capture the best of their kid 's personality.


By my skylls as a personal shopper baby  (never excluding the collaboration /  of valid photographers) whenever you choose the look for the day of the shooting of your child my  advice is always to keep in mind the considerations both in practical terms and fashion ones.


  • Outfits with very bright colors, patterns loads of ribbons and sequins may cause you to lose your child in his/her look. If you are unsure of how the dress will look at the camera, take some photos at home before going to the photographer.
  • As a personal shopper baby they ask me how to dress the children because some styles can look best in pictures than others so it is easier for the photographer to work with your kid in order to get the adorable expression with the complicity of the model or specific style.
  • For the day of the shooting it is better to bring one/two changes because that will take away any stress in the case under lights and lens do not be flattered the image and still ready if your kid always unpredictable decide to make a "mess" .
  • From my color analysis I choose solid colors. Solid colors suited for the image of the kid, because they allow the focus to remain on the kid and show the details of the child's face / a best of clothes with a high color entry.
  • Always choose clothes that are comfortable to the child. This is one of the most important tips as an unhappy kid  is not going to make a good shooting.All that adds to the fussiness of a child that is just an easy way to go to make the most difficult experience for everyone, so no matter how adorable hat or sandals may seem, may not be the best option for a good photo.
  • Try to avoid accessories in general because they tend to detract from the focus on the kid. The baby' s photos often turn out best when they are natural, and the focus remains on the Kid.
  • Above all, be flexible with the shooting of your child. Regardless of how much you spend in time and money for their perfect look it could not go as planned ... to avoid any disappointment you always must make the best of the situation.



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