Style tips for career mothers during pregnancy

Monday, 11 April, 2016
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There are mothers in career during the period of pregnancy are asking me for advice on personal shopping and/or image consulting to continue to be always at the top of their consideration, but they are embittered by the crazy prices in certain shops (chosen so wrong, I might add) specialized on clothes for pregnant ... and many ask me ... Is it right  to spend a lot on clothes that can only be worn for a few months? I want to keep working during pregnancy, as I have to wear as much as possible while keeping my current wardrobe or/and without spending a fortune? ... why not to try to follow my advice:



During motherhood initially dressed with their dress for the office it will not be a problem. Most women do not require any change of wardrobe up to eight weeks. During these first few weeks they may have to leave unbuttoned the first trouser’s button and hide it with a belt to increase the comfort. Another trick is to combine the highlight button with a rubber band. Certainly never tucked the shirt into the pants so that no one can see the unbuttoned button or the elastic. In case your belly starts to grow, you can wear a jacket or top quite handy / off, maybe you will find in your wardrobe. Hardly recommend to dress totally in dark colors because I find it gives more personality to opt for garments color blocking by always wearing them intelligently, so as to draw attention away from your belly at the same time to create the illusion of a slim, silhouette.



This is the most delicate stage of motherhood, because it is now that the belly begins to appear, there are many women who try to hide the pregnancy until the later stages of the second quarter. But, as the belly is coming out by your mistaken chosen clothes, you change your clothes and you change a little your style’s dress for the job. You might enjoy a few hours of personal shopping to buy a pair of pants or skirt that have elastic bands and / or clothes of a larger size than your actual size. From your tailor you can make sewing / add an elastic band to your pants or skirt existing giving you greater comfort. Invest in Clothes Empire cut. The choice to embrace in a shawl or cardigan to wear (wearing unbuttoned) is excellent for this period of pregnancy. The cross-dress or wrap dress is a dress that suits all body shapes, making it ideal for you. And perfect for any occasion and has a riding style between casual and elegant, ideal for an excellent image in the workplace.



Dress for work during motherhood now becomes easy. Clothes at most comfortable to go to work. Also, remember that at this stage of pregnancy you will feel more flushed than usual. Therefore, investing in the lighter colors as well not to wear solid prints. Wear skirts and dresses will be more comfortable than pants. I always recommend to buy skirts and dresses that enhance your beautiful curves in the right way. Use accessories to add color to any outfit you wear. For important meetings of business, in the right stores, there are easily available formal clothes in a variety of cuts in order to meet the different types of body. It can also get your business dress made for total comfort. Some women also opt for traditional attire to formal business events.


Dress for work during pregnancy does not mean you have to look boring. A bit of "mix & match" and smart choices when it comes to shopping for clothes for work and definitely takes a long and exciting journey. You are going through a happy period of your life So, go ahead and flaunt!


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