Be original with style

Friday, 7 March, 2014
Be original with style

Fashion can be the expression  of us an individual. As personal shopper I always say that all the clothes and accessories we choose to wear are an expression of what we are. At the moment of the shopping every decision goes through all this, it is undeniable that the trend of trying on to make us successful in buying clothes that help us to be different, an accessory that is able to stand out among so many. It can be the conditional thought of an image consultant, but I wonder walking in my city how many people are really interested in style.

We can always improve our appearance while keeping our style that can may be individual but different from the others.
The king Giorgio Armani says, "Style is to have the courage of our own choices, and also the courage to say no. It is taste and culture".
I follow my job as a personal shopper & image consultant with passion, what gratifies me is being able to capture from my clients enthusiasm for complacency style that they find out again.

Silk Gift Milan puts all its expertise to give you tips to improve your style, but there is always the need of your own personal touch. 

Accessories are essential to make your outfit unique. Improve the style although it is often difficult to understand the amount that you have available even for men.
For example in the new upcoming season, the choice of a brooch or a poschette for the Blazer can give you a true touch of originality.

There are prints on t-shirts, shirts, ties ... with fun and original patterns and can be combined with a stylish clothes following the trend of the moment. Their presence is strong or simple, as we want it to be. In the 'one-color dress 'outfits  their use can change the way you're used to be seen. Of course, do not overdone it. 
It is not difficult to see men's outfits that are "simple" boring and monochromatic, as image consultant I am the first to advice that this may be right in a certain way, but it is as true as it is important to enhance the color and appearance of the look. Think of a purse or an "envelope" to go with colored sneakers or a pair of shoes; it is better to avoid getting dressed from head to toe fully colored, but choose just a little. If you think for example to red as your colour, the bow tie is certainly a gamble bold and eccentric that can enhance the style , while others even go unnoticed.

The choice of jewellery for the male has finally found out its place in a beautiful and original creativity of rings, bracelets, necklaces.... so why not wear them. Plastic, wood, rope or steel are the ones that I recommend because they reveal the best style.
Least but not last as image consultant I suggest to take care about the size and fit of your clothes if you don't want to lose  your style in fact it is important that The fit will combines with your body's shape so that sometimes

The slim fit's choice can be wrong if your waist is fairly big.