The cities must be visited to shopping

Friday, 18 July, 2014
The cities must be visited to shopping

While writing this post I think  about the sadness that comes out by visiting  many shopping malls that  are crowded, while outside there are plenty of places / cities that can give you a unique  peace and happiness  created by the skilled hands and tailor-made , fashion designer for excellence and an duty  guide to a personal shopper and image consultant. When traveling abroad, the bargain-hunting that triggers a lot of enthusiasm in all of us; if you're planning your next vacation, instead of completely lying in the sun, there are cities in the world must be visited for shopping that can arouse fireworks in your mind. It is important to know where to go and what to buy, there are places that a tourist guide can never give you; This is why everyone needs a personal shopper and image consultant by Silk Gift Milan willing to reach you wherever we are required.



Let me put Milan as the first among the cities must be visited to shopping and not only because it is my home town, I know it very well and Silk Gift Milan  was born here not by chance, but mostly it is its  charm that stirs and inspires creativity! Go shopping in the city where  were born the biggest names in the fashion and design made ​​in Italy , it is an experience that no other place in the world can never give.Here they have house Giorgio Armani, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada .. just to name a few. Every corner of the city is a showcase of jewelry, haute couture boutiques and showrooms. During the  weeks of fashion and design the city rooting out all the best, but all around you will always be able to see first of all the catwalk in the open on the latest trends of the street. It 's a city that loves to combine the culture with shopping and it  will be difficult to return to the hotel again after having seen  the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci or  the first to La Scala and  the enthusiastic shopping.



In its shopping centers there is no sadness but every time a dive into the news! Dubai is home to the world's finest shopping malls that stand out and are characterized not only for retail clothing stores, and restaurants,but by  themed parks, dancing fountains, ice rinks and aquariums, all this in a single shopping center as the Dubai Mall. It offers a number of records as the  biggest shoe store and one of the world's largest confectionery.I love the madness their handcraftsmade of fine fabrics, scented oils and jewelery manufactured entirely by hand. At the Souk Khan Murjian (Wafy Mall) there is anything that can bring uniqueness to your accessories drawer, I love getting lost among the scent of its  incense. If you are constantly looking for a discount? Dubai is for you! Here held an annual festival of shopping with discounts and promotions involving any crazy showcase of the city, but good deals can be made, however at  any time of year. Do not think about you  at  Dubai  only dedicated to luxury and rich because then maybe you would arrive to surprise you in finding your desired clock at an amazing price!



Those who know us well know that the city must be visited to shopping are also our favorites and we  never miss the chance to experience them when it  is possible. London is one of these and what the shopping always makes me go crazy and its vivacity and boldness, a mix also reported on the designers of its clothes. The shopping in London is from the luxury stores such as Harrods to quirky shops such as Dover Street Market to fashion bargain in the famous markets in London.It  is seen London as a gray city, but here there  is everything and if you are not careful gray will end only your wallet! Each shopping tour of London is a museum "open window" for any fan of vintage and not just, as from emerging designers then proudly shown off with a item  of a small Paul Smith, celebrated by the next catwalk.