Do not forget the black & white in your wardrobe.

Friday, 11 April, 2014
Do not forget the black & white in your wardrobe

The colors are lively, fun, we all need color in our lives! As an image consultant I could never deny the color in the wardrobe of every man and / or woman, it is my fundamental business's tool. I'm excited about the male wardrobe that becomes more and more bright, nowadays modern man wears colored jeans, shirts in countless shades and even his formal dress code is glamorous in his colorful details. Silk Gift Milan follows fashionable men who always approve their outfits, garment or accessory from the trendiest colors by  wearing it with the necessary confidence and with enough capacity to distinguish him in style. In my experience as an image consultant and personal shopper I love to follow the clothes' choices of all men and women advising them about the colors that best exploit the strengths of each body shape but never forget the BLACK AND WHITE, or the no-color. The black and white is a classical combination that fits in a contemporary world and as the  must-have and must never be desired in every wardrobe, his presence is in the same  sophisticated appeal, if worn on a tuxedo and may appear as a rebel outfits in a modern hipster. It 'could not resist the chance to test time, all the other colors following each season are in competition with each other, while the supremacy of color remains dominated by white and black. When Silk Gift Milan is invited to follow the fashion catwalks sitting by the Runway we see the designers in "colourway" simple and elegant and think over that while color is important it is equally true that a certain lack can add character and class to our clothes.