Dress code on summer with style.

Wednesday, 11 June, 2014
Dress code on summer with style.

I love too much this season. Milan becomes a catwalk and it captures for the charm of shopping, the desire to make a big impression and happy hour’ s time, a magical embrace that in this city becomes uniqueness. There are many fashionable parties that are organized among the most picturesque parks of the city and breathtaking locations.

On Sunday it is the time for a barbecue with friends, while the inter weekly leisure is shopping, culture, and cool drinks in the coolest places of the city. Silk Gift Milan is Milan, but its creativity is appreciated and exported all over the world, where there is a demand. The opportunities are many, worldwide and Silk Gift Milan on this occasion wants to  advise you how to dress you with style, as an image consultant there is no other advice that gratifies us much!

If your boss organizes informal output do not let too many thoughts, accept the invitation and chose the perfect outfit. The ideal choice is in the middle between the formal and the informal, the same that you can do if you point to the direction of the office. To detach from the usual office you wear a cotton jacket, floral and pastel colors, these are all trends of the season. For the shirt it is better to opt for long-sleeved linen and without a tie or bow tie worn with tailor made trousers shortened till the ankle. Shoes like loafers without socks.

The  excellence  to go out with friends or with the person you love is the moment that perhaps more than other motivates you to try to look good and make a good impression, but at the same time to appear without much merit  as the result of hours in front of the mirror. What I always say as an image consultant is that "the touch" of style is the beginning and the end of a perfect outfit. I  wasn't  always for athletic shoes (sneakers for instance) worn with tailor made trousers, but if done correctly and with the certainty that they are clean , it can become one of  the most attractive and balance choices to make a good impression in front of the beloved or / and your friends. As concerning to the T-shirt that will not lack for choices of style, I'd recommend to avoid the skulls as a subject, opt for animal faces such as stylized tiger or if you prefer more sober one.

If you go outside the city with friends for a barbecue for the choice of the outfit something informal is perfect, but always in style; comfortable clothes that you have to wear all day are the right way to dress. It depends on the location ... some at the park, close to home so it is ideal for a day trip, trousers in cotton or linen  (make sure that are cut over the ankle), rope espadrilles or sneakers and a linen shirt of good workmanship not  slim fit, if you prefer you can opt for lapelled  sleeves that is more elegant than a t-shirt.

The beautiful season and its festivities involve different levels of formality, you should always have to put your personality in the choice of your outfit and it will be easy to dress with style without appearing sloppy and unkempt.