Frank Sinatra Gentlemen of Style

Saturday, 12 December, 2015
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One hundred years after his birth (12 December 1915) I want thanks to Silk Gift Milan to pay homage to the great Frank Sinatra because in addition to his memorable golden voice he was a man who has always boasted an outstanding style. “You either got or you haven’t got style. If you’ve got it, you stand out a mile”, Frank Sinatra once crooned in a song dedicated to what else but “Style.” A style’s icon who throughout his career has been able to dictate wonderful gracefully and very actual useful tips for every gentleman's wardrobe.

Frank Sinatra as an Italian blood loved to dress with a flawless elegance and certainly one of his best friends was a tailor who sewed clothes tailor made and cut preferably with wide lapelsHe sang by dressing suitable for almost any occasion wearing a sport coat tailored precisely and pants, although most often opted for the use of a smoking. While he believed that men should wear in black after sunset, he was not too shy to experiment on many occasions’ gray and blue suits as well as those plaid de peule and pinstripes.

No more of the Fodera hat continues today to identify Sinatra, who knew to wear it tilted to the side by the art of an acquired skill. I think his style it should appeal especially to his safety and ease by wearing it. He sang, "A hat is not a hat until it is inclined"

Frank Sinatra once said: "My basic rules are to be extended cuffs half inch from the sleeve of the jacket ..." in effect making the cufflinks an essential detail of the outfit. While nothing too fancy or exaggerated because they are a detail that expresses personality. After all you need them if you're wearing a jacket, Sinatra once said. Just make sure that those handcuffs are not bare when they see the light of day.

He believed in the black brougues as the best color of nice shoes to match a dress tailored and was highly regarded for his shiny by dressing the shoes.

According to Frank Sinatra the color orange was the happier. So he often choose colored details to be included in his daily look like the pocket handkerchief. Nothing could be more true ... if you want to add something vibrant and pop of any color to your look do it in small doses and the pocket square is perfect, the important thing is to opt for a fine fabric.



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