"The Great Beauty" of the Made in Italy

Thursday, 27 February, 2014
"The Great Beauty" of the Made in Italy


"The Great Beauty" movie by Paolo Sorrentino has been conquering the world as an icon of the Made in Italy. Rome offers for its breathtakingly images an eternal uniqueness and elusive beauty but much-deserved, its success is also due to the Made in Italy, despite that you feel to be in an emptied Italy and in a perpetual decline, it is always this beautiful country that can keep on to be a source of fashion in the world.

The elegance and extraordinary ability of the main character Toni Servillo in Jep Gambardella parades along Rome in a high quality tailor made clothes designed by King Giorgio Armani and with leaders from the Neapolitan style like Cesare Attolini, glasses with Luxottica lenses, while the hats are made from the historical hat factory in Florence whose name is Marzi.

The Neapolitan tailor Cesare Attolini has been keeping on to create clothes with a unique personality and timeless sophistication since 1930, just think that to create these clothes are necessary from 25 to 30 hours. Silk Gift Milan is always excited to offer its clients the best Italian craftsmanship as deep expression of art and could not remain indifferent by giving visibility in the man's blog. On the stage Jep Gambardella moves with a subtle elegance and sophistication, he slows brain showing off clothes made ​​to measure for the occasion showing an extraordinary palette of colours, it stands out the bright yellow, orange, bright plaid, blue, white linen robe, the blue ice of the jacket, deep burgundy and a refined contemporary fantasy for the Prince of Wales; the main character manages to fit everything easy, even when the taste creates charming, full marks, we appreciate him as man's image consultant by Silk Gift Milan.

Each Cesare Attolini's clothes aims for perfection and its tailor made realization ensures that the quality has always been conquering the jet set’s wardrobe all over the world.

Thanks to the charismatic style of Jep Gambardella the handkerchief stands out of his pocket like a beautiful flower and it may flourish as a trend for many fashion victims.

Silk Gift Milan hopes after the well-deserved award at the Golden Globes, that "The Great Beauty" can triumph at the Oscar too; however no other movie has so much value in the "Made in Italy" represented by the beauty, luxury, comfort, passion, creativity, quality, identity of the Italian life style loved worldwide.