The key to your success is the style.

Friday, 28 March, 2014
The key to your success is the style.

Before becoming a personal shopper and image consultant for men and women I firmly believe that the idea of ​​ style and fashion can help us to feel good. It is a message that the designers in their advertising's campaigns enter perfectly, in fact the models project an image that through the posture, temperament and above all by what they wear reaches the clients as if to say "look at how  this dress make me feel great”. During my job as an image consultant when I meet someone for the first time, the first few seconds I can identify him, we are judged for relevance and intelligence and if it is the case or not to worth time. It is a behaviour that starts for most of the time  from our human subconscious, that comes out  by the society from what is ideal in terms of  stereotyped perfection.

Silk Gift Milan is able thanks to its image consultant's services to give you more safeness. We can not help through psychological channel, which we leave to those who do that as job, but we believe that through the style, we can help anyone to put a wonderful basis to build up a deeper self-confidence.

Whether you like or not we live in a society where the first impression matters a lot, the way we dress has an important role on our appearance because the right dress just throws us into greater self-esteem and confidence when we speak. A man (or woman) after our image consultant's service can not go unnoticed by extraordinarily positive comments on his/ her clothes, accessory or footwear he / she wears .... his/her appeal is an expression of elegance, confidence and intelligence.

When I have in front of me a man for an image consultant's service I love to imagine each item as if it were a whole framework, I know that it is unchic to express in this way, but suppose to give the clothes as layers to build our confidence and bring out the child and fun that is in each of us by playing as fighters for a day, you will understand better my  comparison! Facing every day our lives with the idea that every clothes or accessory we wear is like adding confidence to our personality.

As personal shopper and image consultant I argue that it is not necessary to dress only fashion brands to feel up our confidence, once you are aware of what clothes you must have  to become part of your framework, it is not difficult to find out how to dress in  the right way .. certainly do not expect ever to present in public with pants and sweatshirt at all!

After an image consulting' s section a man can recognize and be guided by the characteristics of his style' s icon and this is another step to build up trust with his style, but never fall into the trap of putting in comparison. Silk Gift Milan has two personal shopper and image consultants who believe in your confidence because it is an important value for the professional life of everybody ... and the key to achieve it is the style!