The loafer ... a must have for the man wardrobe.

Friday, 9 May, 2014

I am an image consultant men - women and how both professionally prepared my advice is a speech / comparison pleasantly open with everyone who has the interest to listen to them. I always like to say that what we wear and how we wear it is the best, easiest and most successful expression of us.

I dedicate my post to it because I find the loafers an icon characteristic in the style of a man, everything you wear has one between her and the formal footwear moccasin is the most rebellious. The aristocratic loafer can be appreciated, from posh ... but not even indignant at the feet of one whose nature is "evil." Thinking about the moccasin come to my mind the great personalities of the past such as JFK, Paul Newman, Steve McQuenn ... all men of great power, success and great deceivers moccasins have given to their manhood just the right touch softer elegance.

The time pass but style remains and image consultant and personal shopper can still see today the moccasin as a must have in the wardrobe of fashionistas and many gentliments ... much appreciated because it is a shoe that knows how to present themselves on all occasions, loves to be fit man maverick, the man who makes his own rules tailoring.

Even for spring - summer 2014 is trendy moccasin and proposed models that can not meet even the toughest fashionistas, from great fashion designers precious hand-made in Milan, the capital of Made in Italy, you can not find any "excuse" ... perfect for the holiday in the sun, a happy hour with friends, in a suit in the office ....