Men in high heels

Thursday, 30 October, 2014
Men in high heels

High heels are always in style for every woman and if you believe unlikely to see them worn by a man unless you’re in a musical, you are wrong! Ironically, if you think that to see a woman wearing boots with high heels was outrageous 300 years ago. The man wearing high-heeled boots was the most virile and wild.

In my profession as a personal shopper and image consultant I tell to many men to remove any embarrassment if there ever was because the truth is that if a man is high on the first appeal, his chances of making a good impression becomes certainly easy; many Italian politicians, international jet-set and heads of major companies have been well advised by their image consultants to further raise the heel of their shoes a few inches without completely damaging the shape  of the shoe and remaining stationary on them so that  you should never notice anything.

I am an image consultant and by my professional point of view I agree that  a man of high or low height can get the same results with the best choice of the color and  shape  of a cloth, but it is also true that a man with a shoes' heels that allow him to earn two, three or four centimeters in certain professional fields may be  as a result of my image consulting service  a plus in order to achieve greater success and therefore self-esteem of him.

When I shop shoes in Milan to satisfy my inner passion for high heels and I sometimes share kindly the chair with other men that have an eye to fashion and with my same love and passion for shoes. Although for some traditional men it can be a displeasure and high heels become more and more a penalty for them.

My image consultant and personal shopper's job together with the mad passion for high heels shoes leads me often to give practical advice to many women but I would love to follow men too on how to walk better with high heels shoes keeping the equilibrium, it takes a little practice and lot of experience lived by twelve inches from the ground.