Style's words

Monday, 13 May, 2013
Style's words

Silk Gift Milan, will launch a new session of tips in the blog about Man, concerning to the modern man's style addressed to everybody who fits either tailored suits or a pair of jeans.
After the great success of the "Blonde and Brunette" "style's lessons"are enriched by important details to advice the man how to dress well,about new trends, etiquette, male vanity, and fashion news … The whole is supervised by the experience of us as image consultant & personal shopper for man.
We offer this service to the qualified Italian male figure that stands out from the school of English or American tastes and shapes that are totally different!

Style's icons
When we speak  about  Style's icons  the reference to the past is obvious; names like Marcello Mastroianni, Gianni Agnelli, Cary Grant, Gregory Peck ... come in mind. Nowadays who could  be the models of style and elegance? There are many style's models but Silk Gift Milan has chosen :

Carlo Rossella
His elegance gave him the reputation of the style's master thanks to his New England 's style, chic but sober. The elegance of a modern man wearing cashmere garments such as wool, tailored suits without giving up  a pair of jeans. The British luxury handmade manifactured shoes  have been often overcome by the Italian ones.

Sergio Marchionne
As image consultant we can define his style "business casual" and however his look has always been criticized not to be fooled, we have to notice that he wears  luxury sweaters  by soft colors which make his look elegant , practical and enjoyable.

Raoul Bova
As image consultant we always tell to remember a rule that we like to apply: do not overcomplicate things but keep them easy so that the style will reach the highest level. Raoul Bova 's style fully respects this rule. His tailored suits that are often in black are never too tight for him to effect pulled muscles, but  they are well cut! We could admire his wise preference for  the white as his favorite color in his spare time considering the dark color of his skin that is a genetic heritage of the Mediterranean people.