Style's words: The shirt

Friday, 24 May, 2013
Style's words: The shirt

As man's image consultant we start to talk about the main excellence of the male wardrobe:THE SHIRT

As image consultant we suggest:

Shirt with a jacket and tie:
- Collar shirt always buttoned and must leave enough space to pass the little finger.
- Down collar never raised.
- About a centimeter is the right size of protrusion above the jacket as the wrists, which in any case should not exceed the lacing of the thumb.
The right color according to our experience of image consultant  because worn under the face depends on the color of the skin, eyes and hair, so even if the white is the most formal color, it does not mean that it is the right color for you.

As personal shopper we suggest:
The quality of the shirt is the details and the fit that allows you to free in  movement and never folds on the chest.
Cotton is the best material  of the shirt and the British West Indian Sea Island cotton is the most valuable.

Formal: the shirt is a must have but can be considered unbecoming to take
off your jacket and stay with only the shirt, also with hot temperatures you should never do.
Informal: the shirt worn with jeans and sweaters complete a casual outfit during the free time and for  an appeal well-groomed!

Silk Gift Milan‘s Word:
Definition of STYLE
The style is part of us that is not limited to dress by famous fashion designer or in a trendy
way , it is always shown up with a good appeal and good manners , but it is a model of style a gentleman that is helpful to the others because he is aware that there is always something to learn … a man is elegant without being trendy!!!!