Summer in Style

Friday, 16 August, 2013
Summer in Style

Summer is a minefield for the holiday style 's man, so Silk Gift Milan has decided to put together a few tips that as personal shopper & image consultant's man we can give to balance the comfort, style and versatility. Silk Gift Milan's aim in its blogs is to make sure that the impression it leaves is the one you want, not the one that brings into question your decision 's ability or respect for others. The hot summertime creates a more relaxed attitude that it is transferred  into flexible dress code that it goes towards comfort and  utility.  Of course not coats, jackets occasionally and often shorts instead of trousers, but do not overdone it!

From our experience as image consultant we always say that the summer 's look of a man must satisfy three fixed values:

1.   CLEAN A man that often makes the shower and like to be well cared, will have his clothes free from stains, he might realize that even if he sweats, he will not feel bad smell and will never appear as just he has came out of a sauna! Choose antiperspirants and considered natural soaps with menthol that will help to cool the body. The washed hair and its ends well cut.The haircut helps you to sweat less especially when they are in excess on the neck. His hair is washed and its ends cut regularly,in particular if excess hair are on the back of the neck.

2.   LIGHT as image consultant Silk Gift Milan can better tell you what can get more value, for the moment it will be helpful to know that to wear light colored clothes and selected fabrics made with breathable weaves and natural fibers such as cotton, linen, or tropical weight wool (perfect for summer’s formal events). In a hot day it is better a long-sleeved cotton shirt rather than a black polyester  T-shirt . As personal shopper it is often requested to buy clothes with larger sizes,  it is a lacK in style and a mistake is to think to feel cooler.

3.   UNDERSTATED Wears quality garments that have cuts and patterns that compliment with your  shape and attitude .. will not be a clothes too eccentric to catch the attention of  the lady in your company. Pay attention to unstated dress codes, try not to wear your swimming trunks into the evening parties  (unless they are in the water!).

The T-shirt The T-shirt is the quintessential summer casual, ideal to be worn on the beach or for any occasion where you work outdoors.
Please note that it is made100% cotton and pay attention to proper fit in the upper part area – too loose it only makes you look smaller than you are while too tight  makes you look like an overstuffed sausage.. A style’s choice to wear the shirt at the bar with friends, at breakfast in the hotel or at the Bar-BQ!

Shorts The shorts is a casual dress ideal for the summer, but are not always good for all occasions so that there are many people who see them as children's clothing or suitable only if they are worn for a casual week-end and sportswear. As personal shopper & image consultant we always say that the ideal short pants must not remain above the knee over three inches around. The more sober they are the greater is their fit. So cargo shorts with their oversized pockets, logos and / or laces are more casual and more reserved for a teenager.

Sandals One of man’s oldest forms of footwear, they are  a very informal type of footwear . As personal shopper we  can say that in a wide variety of styles, their level of casual is based on how they show the feet and from what material they are made (leather is better than synthetic materials). Hence a pair of plastic flip flops  are suitable for relaxing at the beach or in the pool, while the flip-flops if leather could be worn for a party on the beach, while the leather sandals with strap (gladiators) are good for casual summer when you find yourself with good friends. Keep your toenails clipped and clean when out and  in sandals. Wearing socks with sandals is almost universally considered a misstep of style and rather defeats the purpose of wearing sandals in the first place.

Italian mocassino In the most occasions the moccasinno is a choice of high style. They had characterised The Italian style in the world, are the perfect footwear for your evening out, with  long pants or suit as with  shorts. They are popular because are very comfortable despite the heat for their thin leather. However be careful as this type of footwear is very weak and can be damaged from the elements.

Hat The first step in choosing a hat is to understand your personal headwear's needs. Ask yourself  what conditions you are going to be using it and if you are interested in a choice of style, functionality or both. Functional hats  simply protect you from the sun are cheap and easy to find; stylish hats  which  best respond to hot weather conditions, while acting as our creators of style are more difficult to trace. However, in looking for  your request for  Silk Gift Milan, your personal shadow can be saved with the timeless Panama that has the aim to highlight the style of every man and to protect you from the  heat , pay attention to the measure .
The best summer hats are created with vegetable fibers  so that they can block the light, retain their shape, and allow the flow of air.

Bring a change of clothes - Even though it takes a bit by bringing an extra outfit to change  it can help you to better if any day's events  take place. There is nothing more pleasant than  to stop a hot day with a cool shower and then changing with a new look.
You will surely be refreshed,  and stylish.

Happy Summer Holiday!!