Vanity Metrosexual

Thursday, 27 November, 2014
Vanity Metrosexual

The Metrosexual term was coined in 1994 by the journalist Mark Simpson for the man trendy and timeless, strong and nice. He acknowledged his appreciation for literature, movie and other arts, his taste for the food, the savoir-faire in choosing the perfect wine and music but he has always an eye on design, fashion and men's magazine. He is the man who has a deep passion for shopping and the "good life" and meanwhile has a higher sweetness in contrast to the traditional image of the macho man. His style defines all that is cool in men's fashion. He is born from the fashion's covers in the early nineties and he has become a way of life for many people around the world.

He is the man that the media of today so often used to sell a body rather than a product, but that's another matter that as personal shopper and image consultant man it is not my duty to judge, I think instead that those years today has reached a higher sensitivity for the quality of his choices and all his attention for the wardrobe, hairstyle, for his usual care for the skin and for his fitness life that claim the professionalism and good manners in the offering.

As personal shopper and image consultant I agree with his desire to improve, as well as an excellent consultant of news, shops/showrooms to find out  the best for his style ... Milan is of course the ideal city for a Metrosexual !!

Among the fashion brands that have enhanced this style there is the man recognized by Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, John Varvatos, Jill Sander, Zegna, Kenneth Cole ... while the figure of the jet set most representative is David Beckham, but Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman and Tom Cruise too.

The Metrosexual man affinity to all dresses/fabulous accessories and fashion has always paid extremely well to a wardrobe full of designer's labels, but thanks to Silk Gift Milan there is also the made in Italy with his craftsmanship and artigianality to get the better style and improve the attention to details, the quality of fabrics and attention to small details that does not necessarily have to be a creative work of a great brand!