The vintage, a trend that never get old.

Thursday, 26 September, 2013
The vintage, a trend that never get old.- Louis Vuitton

In the world of the fashion industry, trends are fickle, so clothing items and accessories are often brought back from the historic archives to perfectly blend together with current trends, releasing their magic upon even the less nostalgic of the fashion victims. There is no shortage articles/fashion photos posted on Silk Gift Milan's social networks (Facebook's page at the first place) and not just coming from as representative of the past times that have always fascinated women and men, so that the vintage clothing, we believe as personal shopper and image consultant, will never have to struggle to catch the attention of those who are fashionable. This is why Silk Gift Milan thanks to its man's blog, wants to enter on the subject seen successfully due to our personal shopping service dedicated to vintage.
Milan with its Vintage District combines its architectural beauty with a high availability of the garments and accessories kept in excellent condition.
This is a growing success of women, but especially men who like to match their contemporary wardrobe with purely vintage.
There is nothing better than our expert consultation as  personal shopper together with the seriousness of our partners to ensure the authenticity! There are many ways to put hands on vintage clothes and  accessories, maybe have a  look in the closet of your  loved ones where you can often find an old cardigan, a jacket .. or it can happen like  in one of our wardrobe 's planning to find out a Burberry trench early 60s, that it was forgotten there because it was believed out of fashion, instead it becomes, a popular trendy dress worn on a latest collection! It is a trend ever "old" in fact keeps coming back every season because it fits to all styles and budgets, from image consultant by Silk Gift Milan we do not hide our sensitive attraction for all that is vintage and  like to accompany our clients in the best Vintage District where your shopping is sure to be exciting!