Wear a masterpiece of art.

Friday, 8 November, 2013
Wear a masterpiece of art.

When we talk about luxury, the first thing that comes to mind is the high price to be paid  to afford it, but this is an outdated concept and totally out of its real meaning. Luxury is the exclusivity of clothes, accessories or design  that is created / personalised according to the pleasure of those who want something of high value and that is not always equal to the high price.
Amanda Archetti and Isabella Ratti propose luxury in Silk Gift Milan thanks to their consulting services; behind every request received there is always a work of "back office" of highly professional experts because everything is created on measure.
Not by chance Silk Gift Milan will never cease to praise the Made in Italy, the exclusivity in every thing which can come from a tailor's shop, an atelier or a art gallery ..there are many fields involved because the Italian good taste is the potential PIL that is appreciated and "envy" around the world and that must come out.
Italy is compared with art, history and culture and Silk Gift Milan can give its clients "Italianity" allowing them to combine and personalise a journey of culture and shopping, by visiting the Museo del Novecento after an afternoon among the vintage shops ...and  isn't it luxury?!
During our job of personal shopping there are always clients that are fascinated by the beauty of the artwork and would like to take them away with them; Oscar Wilde said "it should be a work of art or otherwise wear a work of art "and this is a dream that Nartist has managed to achieve.
Silk Gift Milan is not new to introduce in the fashion blogs Woman, Man and Kids "tools" of work, thanks to which creative ideas help us to respond successfully to all the unique demands of our clients and many times we can even surprise them.
Nartist is a brand that supports an international patent (PCT/IB/2007/000789 WIPO also confirmed by China and India), promotes art and artists through the emotional involvement of the general public.
By creating Italian tailor made shirts for both men and women, and their exclusivity is due to the personalisation with the work of art or the work that anyone can create for himself thanks to special inserts provided.
Shirt cuffs that become real jewels of style, a luxury at your wrist. By image consultant we always say that for an item "its good comes out from the attention to details", thanks to these Nartist has been able to stand out more with a touch of freshness and innovation.