The color will fit you over 50 years too

Friday, 22 April, 2016
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The best trend of spring 2016? Color, color, color !!


They always tell me... I have over 50 years! I have more than 50 years so I want to wear ionly comfortable and practical. I wonder what other people think of me! At this age I have no idea what might be flattering me and how to dare to add color to my look ....

As an image consultant and personal shopper I firmly believe that you are free to choose and to move on the planet iif you're 20, 50 or 90 years. There is no season of life , you are free to throw your old colors palettes  for new, fresh and interesting. You can celebrate the fashion season and opt for all the trendy colors.

The great Iris Apfel once said: "Life is gray and dull; you might as well have a little fun when you dress".

You buy what you like and wear what you want, but as an image consultant I can only advise you to always be sure that your new color palettes highlight the aspect that will grace today, not what you wore yesterday. There are no wrong colors. There are just the wrong color’s combinations. Let's talk about clothing and this quote is doubly important. Consider the color's  schemes in your clothes, but also the color ' s shades in combination with the face, the complexion, the hair, the eyes ... your basic color in the season of your life.

Once you get to 40 years or so, your color begins to change. After that, the skin and hair seem to turn from time to time ... and this does not mean that you should not wear your favorite colors of your glory days when the disco were all "drink and rock and roll" ... your best colors  will always be the best forever, and if some of your favorite tones will need to revise them downwards (neutralized) or taken in small doses, it does not mean dressing dark but  to take advantage of the valuable work of the accessories.

The Personal branding if it is the mirror of one's inner beauty is totally foreign to the thinking / rule that the choice of a woman's look should follow the years of her ID. A woman in 30/40 can be poorly dressed even though bon ton. Tina Turner last winter has celebrated her  sensational 75 years with miniskirt and high heels .. and Sophia Loren, Iris Apfel, Carmen Dell'Orefice .. They go on  after more than eighty years to capture the best spirit of their age dictating style and contagious desire to live the life.

"I think about everything  that encourages the women to express them  through the choice of the look, make-up and keep on  to do their best. We all need to love us at all stages of our lives! "


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