The Psychology of the Color

Friday, 11 March, 2016
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The image consulting is a very complex study that has always fascinated me in all its aspects and the psychological influence on the color on our emotions is an important side. In the personal branding your brand is you, I could never propose you to wear a mask or an / a lookalike, absurd isn't it! Think about the fact that you are more formal towards a person dressed in navy blue than dressed in beige! Color is a powerful provocateur in the reaction of the people. It has the power to influence their emotions and always has that effect subtle but real to govern perception, judgment and behavior. As an image consultant I manage the impact of color on the image of women / men because I consider it to be always one of the first things we notice when we meet someone.

Whenever I find myself in front of my wraps that I use for consulting I perceive to each hue a psychological effect. The nerve and hormonal reactions of our body to the magnetic energies of the colors (temperatures), and the way in which you feel physically and interpret the color visually, the result is different emotional responses to various shades. Let me explain better, there is a psychological specific reaction for each color. These feelings are due to the physical effects of color on the body, everyone will have the same unconscious reaction, despite the fact that people have individual likes and dislikes of color. Every time you recommend a cloth to be worn you perceive the emotional reactions of color as a powerful psychological advantage in everyday life, just think about how you would feel more raised on a gray day if only you get dressed colored or in front of an audience and as one of the colored dress is in harmony with the setting or as you flattered more in the working palace  to improve and manage interpersonal relationship...., there  are many and all good chances to show off the right color! The image consulting by using the color are psychological advantage through the color of the clothes that certainly once worn will affect the way that others related to you.




Wear all clear earth tones, all light yellow and all light colors in warm tones (warm):

- The light tones of colors, especially in medium brown, beige, camel and brown. They are warm, welcoming and accessible.

- The yellow light for its visibility is sociable, but not as demanding as the bright yellow.

- Light colors from warm white (warm) such as coral, sunflower yellow, fishing, are all friendly and accessible / open



Wear dark colors, especially black, medium to dark gray, midnight-blue / navy / dark:

-  the darker color, has the effect of intimidating and threatening.

- Create the impression of old age / mature character

- Create the impression of being able to make decisions


  • APPEAR LESS intimidating

Wear earth tones, pastels, yellow and pink colors:

- The earth tones appear friendly and accessible.

- Pastel colors express calm and sweetness.

- With the yellow looks good and friendly.

- Bluish-pink is calming.



Wear rich colors yet elegantly sophisticated (no strong or neon) as the camel, salmon, blue-gray, burgundy and butternut (pumpkin):

- You will create the impression of influence / social weight.

- You will create the impression of prosperity and economic success.



Wear the colors of the earth from the combined light tones with blue or medium blue:

- The light earth tones, such as brown, beige yellowed, appear warm and down-to-earth, giving the impression of reliability and credibility.

- Navy blue and medium blue, suggest reasonableness and professionalism.



Put on medium / dark colors like navy blue, anthracite, gray, dark blue, gray-beige:

- And then you will appear serious proti to business (business-like).

- It will recommend efficiency, strength and assertiveness.

- It will give the impression of commitment and capability.



Wear bright colors, such as bright orange-red, orange, yellow and lime, are visually psychologically convincing, but not necessary to do business.



Wear light colors, dark, neutral and unflattering:

- In muted with blurred colors like khaki, brown or gray stone. always give the feeling of a lack of openness.

- Dark colors suggest confidentiality and seriousness

- Neutral colors (black, gray, brown, white) Express the lack of character when worn on their own.



Wear very light color, purple:

- The colors are very clear expression outgoing and positive.

- The purple (let me, as random selection of the Silk Gift Milan logo) is the color linked to higher intelligence.



Wear pastel colors and green:

- The pastel colors are unpretentious, calm and diplomacy. Calmly deflect the criticism.

- Green is the color balanced which gives the impression of calm and order.


Manage the impression you give. Changing the way we are perceived by letting others see the good qualities in you. The Psychology of color is a simple but very effective tool to create or enhance your image!

The right colors can naturally improve your appearance, which is makes it look younger, healthier and more energetic!


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