How to wear the leggings

Wednesday, 4 November, 2015
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The leggings are a garment extremely comfortable to wear in the winter months, we would call it a must-have for every age, because it is an useful cloth for the wardrobe of young or older women that returns inevitably in fashion in every season. I have many models in my wardrobe: blacks, leather, patterned fabric, studded with lace / lace by a famous Italian lingerie company.. As image consultant I think that they should never be worn like normal pants and it’s important to know your body’s shape before buying them. Wear leggings as an additional cloth for your look, rather than for the basic one. You have always to be aware that their adherence highlights all your form from the waist to the ankles, leaving little to the imagination, they can make your legs to look really perfect as a fall of style too. On the catwalk fashion brands like Chanel have  combined them with elegant clothes  to become a comfortable dress to create   a suitable outfit for women over 40, the result can be the same if combined with no branded designers.

For what kind of body they would be suitable?

If you follow my advice’s guide as an image consultant, all body types can wear leggings.

If you are a circle / apple (you do not have a define waist and the weight tends to form on the stomach) so wear leggings with a long tunic that covers the stomach and shows the beautiful legs.

For the woman called triangle / pear (The sides are wider than the shoulder) it is important to choose a top and jacket that end below the point in which the hips are wider.

If you have big calves you can opt for models such as wide flared or however you can wear them with a pair of knee-high boots.

What shoes to wear with leggings?

A shoe to match your leggings scored more and more the legs. Flat or high boots, boots and ballerinas can be perfect with leggings. I would avoid, especially for women over 40, high pointed heels and high boots to avoid to slip-ups in the trash.



Teenagers can match well with almost everything, skirts, shorts, long sweaters, wool maxi sweaters, denim shirts etc ... I do not particularly like the combination of one color, it is better to break. If you opt for beautiful models with fancy prints, do not wear anything else then that has prints, but choose that references at least one of the colors of the leggings.

For women over 40 there are tips for their refined elegance, I recommend to avoid tops that end up on top of the goal thigh and anyone too tight. If you choose for the top fabrics like silk or cashmere, it will create a perfect set when paired with comfortable jersey leggings.