Wardrobe Planning & Accessories

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In this session, useful either to women or men, you will understand what are the clothes and accessories that you actually need in your wardrobe after a short interview to learn about your lifestyle and how you spend your free time. The goal is to create a cohesive, but flexible wardrobe of clothes you love to wear! Would you like to always have something to wear? Something worn gratifies you and makes you feel beautiful?

To achieve this, your wardrobe must understand that it is important to be organized by clothes and accessories you need to live your life, it should make it easy to decide what to wear every day between choices of elegant outfits and coordinated.


                Your wardrobe designed for you and your lifestyle and will save you time and money.


What do you understand from this fun session?

  • Let's review your lifestyle to decide what types of clothes and accessories you need.
  • We look at what you already own to create outfits from your existing pieces.
  • We will take a picture of the outfits that we will create to send you them as a reminder.
  • We will identify the elements that are missing and that would complete your wardrobe.
  • You'll get tips on styles and colors of clothing and accessories to add to your wardrobe to complete it.
  • It will be helpful to know places where to shop to fit your style and budget.


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