How to wear summer shoes according to your legs' shape

Thursday, 18 June, 2015
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One of the plus that marks the time of personal shopping thanks to Silk Gift Milan in the shops of made in Italy shoes is to be followed in your choice according to the shape of your body, of course your good taste is always a certainty for Silk Gift Milan that only if combined with an image consulting will give a final result that can get to the top.

As image consultant and personal shopper by Silk Gift Milan I love to point out that wearing the wrong shoe your style can make you gain weight or reduce your legs. I see few women who actually think about the style and shape of their shoes on their type of body. Thanks to my job as an image consultant and personal shopper I always recommend how and where it is most right to wear flip-flops rather than a sandal or a flat rather than a  12 heel ... but others are the main things to consider when determining what and which are the styles of shoes to wear more suitable to our shape, namely:

• The size and shape of your body and feet.

• The color of the footwear and the height of their heel.

• The style of dress you want to wear.



They are absolutely the must-have of all time. They are great  for every woman and never care if you're high or low because your feet seem nicely smaller and more feminine. Stilettos have always transform in image consulting even the clothes more "trivial" in a  particularly appeal flattering and heights hidden under maxi dresses or long pants.

There are women who tend to flee from high stilettos as this means that they often tower over their partners, but many would be willing to die for a pair of high heels by Giuseppe Zanotti , Duccio Venturi Quattrini , Mod' Antonio or other creations of Italian designers!

If you have big feet avoided the very high heels. Women with a body like the "inverted triangle", that it means with broader shoulders of crushed, preferably  have to opt for heels wide rather than needle so as to balance their silhouette.

For women of short heigh and short legs a heel colored is best for lengthening the legs and drawing the attention downwards.

If you are a woman hourglass heel from a nice neutral color it is right and not draw attention away from your enviable waistline.



They are among the most popular shoes in the summer and there are many models that can surprise each season the female wardrobe with new models of the original applications of sequins and / or studs, prints ... In the image consultancing was initially founded as a shoe for casual outfits, but now it is so embellished that is ideal for both day and night! Short legs: Wear  them only with clothes that end above the knee, tight pants or capri pants type. Opt for them with pointed tip rather than rounded or squared.

Thick ankles: The ballerinas are not the type of shoe fits you because you would go to highlight even more around your ankle.

If you are an inverted triangle, experiment with bright colors to attract attention to your lower half and smaller than your body.



The much loved and hated wedges make you look taller and stretch the foot with the advantage of being more comfortable and easier to wear than stilettos. If you are a female triangle, you are pregnant and do not want to give up your heels or / and your ankles and / or your calves are big this is the shoe for you because they beautify your legs so as to balance the upper curvy body, during personal shopping you should choose types of wedges and avoid strong patterns where the fingers are closed.



In image consulting by Silk Gift Milan do not ever recommend to those who have thin legs and thin ankles and long, no matter if you are a circle woman because these shoes are still suitable for you.



Typically craftsmanship of the Made in Italy for this shoe where the foot for the rectangle women have the absolute best for hugging with the more androgynous style. In summer, a good image consultant can advise them often accompanied with a shirt and a pair of skinny pants above the ankle.