The importance of personal image for the Artist

Wednesday, 7 June, 2017

Mainly the success is talent, is to believe / stubbornness, fortune, ... and the work of a good image consultant! I am an Artist Image Management, a figure of image consultancy qualified / specialized to follow the artists, and I firmly believe that for skills is fair to say that the subjective image plays an essential role in the process of the band's success or artists, professionals or emerging. It so important to convey a positive image that is compatible with the unique skills and special artist. Posters, online advertising images and also what is said in interviews on their art all create impressions. 


It so important to my contribution to manage these impressions projecting the desired image that will serve wonderfully well ...The image is important to the artist.


Having a distinctive image is important as it allows the public to identify the artist, the model / or, the person ... immediately. It’s because of your distinctive image that the public thinks of you, you acknowledge and loves you / follow even before you have even played a single note and often fail even has become a sort of advice of your talent and experience to compare you similar artists to you. In exactly the same way as you can judge a person by how you look at it for the first time that we meet, so will the audience for the artist, so the first impression counts.

An example I love to do more, do you think, if you present yourself on stage in jeans and flannel shirt to the public you can give to think of a grunge rock band like Nirvana and therefore predisposed to a mood that perhaps is the same that the public wants to hear. Similarly if a female artist choosing a look of a famous fashion designer, the audience can instantly compare it to the tastes / moods of pop success and get antipathies or sympathies because of this.


The image is in the balance artist

Follow the image "too whimsical" An artist is not easy and to become Artist Image Management as well as to field my study/experience on personal branding is so much managerial and a strong sense of fashion/beauty, three among the most fundamental elements that MUST merge perfectly with the artist's personal style, and adapt to the style of his art. I see many artists with a great art, but with an image without personality, without d 'emotions. Never be copies of none like you. It is a balance to be reached - people must be able to instantly identify the artist and genre of his music/art. In my work as Artist Image Management I have always recommended to my artists to grasp the advice that most make us feel at ease and feel their. I never changed the image of anyone until you are aware that the image that you choose will have a big impact on their personal style and then on the way people perceive the music/art, and ultimately somehow, their success.

L 'image is (in) The successful

Among the celebrities of yesterday and today, think about how their image has helped us to carve out a career. The memorable Beatles were taken to wearing four identical clothes to be identified immediately and rock legends like the Rolling Stones had hired an unkempt look which at the time gave a mood / aspect harder to rock stars. The eccentric image of the great Lady Gaga is sufficient to know that it's her.


However not only the bold and bizarre artists have reached the end to get noticed, flattering for Michael Jackson was a white glove. From Artist Image Management I say that the most important thing is that the image is always suitable to the sound / melody, the music can be recognized by your style, and above all you feel in perfect harmony.


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