What Women Really Want to Wear from the man's wardrobe

Thursday, 16 April, 2015
What Women Really Want to Wear from the man's wardrobe

At least once in your life you'll have or if you have not already done so you will give a glance  at the wardrobe of your partner, husband, friend ... I know that most of you have the romantic side, thoughts will fly by his fragrances still present  into the fabric of his favorite sweater, but as image consultant and personal shopper I add that this is rather an opportunity to borrow some of his clothes and "work it" on you as image consultant and personal shopper we can surely help you to enhance your style, but no one can help you to overcome his  "death stare".


The Smoking Jacket: There is no other dress in the wardrobe of a man, so sexy like a smoking jacket when worn by a woman. You can wear it in endless ways as much like with jeans or leather leggings. A great cloth that it is hard to give it up so that if the sleeves are a bit 'too long turn them up, it looks more trendy.

The White shirt: It is oversized in the right way to be left out of your ripped jeans, a pair of pumps and immediately you are ready and cool to make a day of shopping with us the personal shopper by Silk Gift Milan. For a timeless elegance white/black can be worn with a high wasted black pants and black decoltes.

Jeans: Among his jeans there is always the right model that can be worn with the aim of a very glamorous outfit. the so called "boyfriend jeans ". Although slim fit, it is always oversized for us women ... they look good because the ideal way to wear them is by turning up them, to put a belt or even they look original with a pair of braces and a t-shirt in the contrasted color . It is important the choice of the shoes: if you opt for a pair of heels they will give you a look more sexy.

The Sweatshirt: There is no man that does not have a nice sweatshirt among the   must have clothes in his wardrobe, so why not show it off to your next going out, it maybe for a happy hour. As an image consultant I can suggest you to give it a sexy outlook by combining it with a collar necklaces (statement collared necklaces), bracelets and a lace skirt or sequins. Full and surprise is your output with decorated heels

Watch: Golden or not it is his watch as an accessory to begin to stratify with  bracelets that you can put anywhere,  you should always avoid the seaside and swimming-pool. It became a precious accessory for your wrist that you can use as a bracelet with other bracelets, it is useful to differ in style and in the meantime it is perfect when the strap of the watch is a little 'big for you.