2. Baby Shower Party's Etiquette.

Monday, 11 March, 2013
2. Baby Shower Party's Etiquette.

In our blog "Silkbaby" for the second part of questions started last week!

Silk Gift Milan is committed to make a great Baby Shower Party and as we are personal shopper too we can follow personally every detail by selecting the best of each partner in terms of quality, creativity and cost, we also became Diapper Cake's designer to give each mother her Majesty Diapper Cake worthy of its title.

Can the Baby Shower Party be themed?
Having a theme is very useful in planning a Baby Shower Party because it helps to make it easier to plan the invites, decorations, banquet, etc. Silk Gift Milan asks the future mother for the subject to choose , it will be a pleasant opportunity to put into practice its creativity!

What are the decorations used for the Baby Shower Party?
The theme that you are going to choose influeces the type of decorations. For example, it is not surprising that the fashion mother chooses as theme for her Baby Shower Coco Chanel, who loves the tender, romantic world will ask Silk Gift Milan to decorate everything, Diapper Cake  too by the teddy world, there are truly endless ... ideas!
You can also choose to decorate everything in blue or pink, but remember that whatever your choice is the decorations always create a fun atmosphere for the success of your Baby Shower Party.

Who pays the Baby Shower Party?
It is usually enjoyed by the mother receive the Baby Shower Party as a gift, while dad can take this opportunity to surprise his wife with all his originality, as a gesture of welcome attention, sometimes are all the friends that share the costs of the party.

Where can be organized the Baby Shower Party?
Most of the Baby Shower Party take place in the home of the future mother. However it depends on what the mom wants to do. Many moms do not like the idea to tidy up their home, so a location such as a restaurant, atelier or spa  are more appreciated for the 'host that can give, for the elegant look. Silk Gift Milan always evaluates together with the future mother where to do it according to her budget, the number of people she invites and then how much space she will need.

What is a "Grandmother Baby Shower Party"?

The Grandmother Baby Shower Party is a new trend, it is very fun to organize it for Grandmother that is waiting for the grandchild. The two parties are essentially the same, but in this case they are often friends of the grandmother that are  wanting to celebrate the arrival of her nephew/nice; the Gifts can be things that a grandmother would need to  take care and feed the new born. The grandmother Baby Shower Party is not usually a big party like as a normal Baby Shower Party, but is a lot of fun for a future new grandmother.

What food should you serve for the Baby Shower Party?
There are not rules in the Baby Shower Party's etiquette that specifies what you should and should not offer. Silk Gift Milan considers the number of guests, time of day, the theme of the Baby Shower Party, the budget, the guests' health that can have (diabetes, celiac disease, lactose intolerance, allergies, etc.) and if you want to offer a whole meal or just snacks and drinks.

The Baby Shower Party's etiquette is constantly changing. Think about that until no more than 15 years ago it was not a custom, while now the welcome  is normal. Everything that it is  written does not presume to give rules, but mostly it comes as a guidelines of what is good for the success of the Baby Shower Party by Silk Gift Milan.