The Valentine of the Gentlemen of Style

Friday, 13 February, 2015
The Valentine of the Gentlemen of Style

Tomorrow is the Valentine's Day! You will be thinking about how to surprise your beloved if you take her out or opt for a private evening ... the possibilities are endless! Anyway the first thing, to take care of her, is your image and I am not speaking about good manners, that I hope that you will always have because a gentleman is always a gentleman of style.

As an image consultant is an important rule, I advise that to make a good impression ,you have to dress by respecting your style, playing with clothes ,accessories and the right combination of colors. You are on the wrong track if you think you make a good impression only by dressing with clothes recommended by fashion victim to discover later that the best are among those never accepted in your wardrobe.

As personal shopper and image consultant by Silk Gift Milan fashion is my guide to fit any style thanks to your good taste and a good place to start shopping.

The color in menswear is a bold style statement and a direct means to express his personality…in fact that as image consultant man and woman has always fascinated me! In the Valentine’s outfit red is not mandatory, unless you want to hide you with your beloved thanks to the complicity of hearts. To Combine the colors for an image consultant by Silk Gift Milan is a safe bet, but  you will get great results with a combination of black and white, total black without forgetting the accessories or bet on the appearance of neutral colors with a touch of color. Black, gray, beige, light brown, dark blue, white are some of the colors that are considered neutral. Combining a neutral color with a contrasting color is a good solution. For example, if you have a brown or a beige dress you can put a purple shirt or an orange or green one. For a playful man as an image consultant, what I recommend is not to wear more than three colors. From the color wheel, that is a useful tool of every image consultant, for an harmonious look in an outfit two colors next to each other can be red / orange as well as blue and green, the look becomes stronger if two colors in the wheel are opposed as orange / green.

The accessories communicate who you are without having to say a word. The rule by image consultant never say too much, but it is true that in the end what matters is your personal taste. Whether you decide to put the tie or pocket square, make sure that they are always at odds in terms of color and fabric, they must be well with each other but they should never be the same. They must always fit your body's shape.

To recommend and advice  how to dress well is my job as a personal shopper and image consultant because to wear the  right colors, patterns and the right accessories is the most direct and personal way to make you feel good, beautiful and self esteemed.