The art of wearing heels

Wednesday, 18 March, 2015
The art of wearing heels

After the success of the previous post " How to wear High Heels without pain", I keep on speaking about heels. Anyone can wear them, if you are woman or man this is the post for you so that you may know how to wear them, it takes just a little and you are up to!

The right shoe: Do not assume that because even if the first rule is to look for a comfortable pair of heels it is also true that it is difficult to find out. Many people wearing high heels feel more sensual but it is not enough.The heels should never exceed 12 cm except for the dress code; my advice is for low heels for the day and a bit higher in the evening.

How to wear heels: It is an elegant art that thanks to the right manners should always be considered, then it will all be very natural.

a. Point the fingers.

b. Arch the foot.

c. Slip into the shoe with the heel.

d. Roll out and put the foot inside the shoe.

Position: Now you are ready to stand up, but before starting to show off your beautiful heels you should stand properly up. Put the shoulders back, hands behind the seam of your pants / skirt, while the chin must be parallel to the floor. Tighten your side B, aim slightly the pelvis and let you bring your hips forward, while The waist remains straight and still, as it has no role. It is much easier than you think and then you will get a good work on your appeal at the end.

First Steps: Push the weight through the pelvis. The ankle is raised, the knees are bent and then straightened on the floor. The walk on heels is traditional heel-toe, although not as pronounced with flat shoes.

The right way: What I always say it is not to think about it on a catwalk. In Milan, as well as everywhere, I see so many girls walking in heels putting one foot before the other, when the right way with heels is to imagine yourself walking along the tramlines. The heel on the line, the tips pointing towards the outside.

The key to succeed in wearing high heels is never hurry, many learn to wear them walking around the house with shoes of mom or worse wearing them at the first glamourous opportunity, but as personal shopper and image consultant I find that it is the best way to learn a bad and inelegant way that it is  then hard to "shake off".