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In addition to all the services we offer, we also suggest some special activities and fun. Remember that each service can be personalised according to your wishes!


Style tips (total time: 3 hours).
An afternoon among friends in a short time to update on all the trends and colors of the moment, the must-have for your wardrobe, with a space concerning with your doubts and to share little secrets to improve your image.
Glamour day with friends (total time: 4/5 hours).
Do you want to spend a day different from the others? Do you want an alternative for a bachelor/maiden party? We study with you your body 's shape and go for the Shopping! We'll take you through the streets of Milan to buy the clothes that you miss  in your  ideal wardrobe or for any other occasion where you want something new to wear.
Where do we take you? Not only to The  center of Milan! Our city is rich in tailoring workshops and opportunities for slashing reserved ...
End keep in mind the aim to save money. Now the myth that the tailor made clothes  have high prices  is over and thanks to our network of professional experts in the handmade tailoring, we help you  surely to bring home gorgeous clothes without spending too much and  with the right amount of fun!
Vintage day (total time: 4/5 hours).
We study together your body shape and help you to purchase the  Vintage clothes right for you. It would be appropriate to repeat this experience at least twice a year one in summer and one in winter.
We decide together a short tour to visit the vintage shops that can satisfy your taste  according to what you are looking for (clothes, accessories, shoes).


Organize a Swap Party (average length: 3/4 hours).
Do you want  to get rid of the out cast clothes, objects, accessories, home furnishings and do you want  to do it in an  original way?
We organize a party with you where  you and the other participants will exchange clothes, accessories
to which we have first given an economical value (This is to ensure fairness in trade that are real barter). The rest is reserved for the fun! A swap party gives you the opportunity to share clothes and, in practice it is as to go shopping for free.


The perfect lingerie (total time : 3 hours).
Do you want to spend an afternoon or an evening together  to your friends? Do you want  an alternative to the maiden party? We'll help you to find out The right  lingerie for your body' s shape and for every occasion (pattern, shape, size, color-fantasy) . The aim is to enhance  the shape and hide small imperfections to wear it in the most correct way . We stop the usual  questions: "too big, too small, it tightens the chest, the straps do not take"it  must be like a second skin under a tight t-shirt!.



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