As consumers when we judge a product or a service, we are strongly influenced by its packaging and attention to every detail crafted. The package creates a strong aesthetic sense of the brand and ensures the sudden first impression which if positive will be projected straight to the "target" in the market.
     "The package design is the vehicle of success of any product to get into the shopping bag of every consumer."
The image consulting by Silk Gift Milan believes you can use this on yourself if you are company managers or committed ... to all those who focus on their strong visual impact and they need a "packaging” to power
The project successfully for the brand they represent and their professional image in their target market, seven seconds are enough to be judged.
Silk Gift Milan gives you the skills for the visual image you project to the outside world, but also how to behave in front of the clients  of different nationalities / culture, reflects your personality, the ethic world that you represent, your lifestyle , your belief ' s system and the core values of each of you.
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