Support for the online shopping

The Online shopping has increasely become a widespread need because of the short time of the everyday's  life and the ability to connect all the time, but  to shop online should  not  become random and boring .

Do you believe that buying online is not for you and you always have a hard time to choose sizes and colors? We'll let you figure out what are the right purchases for your body and for your needs of life, according to the different brands and different sites and we'll help you to find out the clothes by searching them online.

We'll give you tips on sites that are for you. We will show that there is much more than the proposals of the best-known e-commerce, thanks to solutions that make you have unique items and at the same time to save. We'll help you to take advantage of the network also to make you discover the niche brands or  atelier  that create clothes  and specially tailor made  for you, a service that can be managed by your own or for which you can ask for our supervision and help.

This advice can be linked to a particular need or repeated on a regular time.

How does it work:

1.   You should explain online your shopping’s needs, your taste, your lifestyle and your budget by filling in a response form or during a call.

2.   You will send us a picture of you and some of your best clothes that are   in your closet.

3.   We prepare a document with the directions of where to buy online and we send you the moodboard  on how to match the clothes  that we have suggested to buy online.

4.   We will send you a document by mail and / or during a call with our directions

This service is for you if you want to go shopping by saving time and money.


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